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ACL Repair Surgery Is Not the Only Option

Almost all athletes from all over the globe will agree that an ACL injury is one of the terrifying ailments they may sustain. This is primarily because a healthy knee is a crucial component of an athlete’s overall physical condition. ACL injuries are pretty prevalent among skiers, football players, and athletes who participate in activities that require a lot of biological motion and contact. What makes this injury so significant is that it has the potential to spell the end of an athlete’s professional career in some cases. Fortunately, there are a few solutions available when it comes to ACL repair surgery.
The first sign of an ACL rupture is a popping sound inside the knee joint that is shockingly audible. This is usually followed by extreme pain and excessive swelling in the knee area, which is not uncommon. More severe symptoms may manifest themselves depending on the severity of the ligament injury. There are a variety of tests available these days that may be used to examine the stability of the knees at the outset. An examination by a doctor will follow, and the degree of the damage will be determined as a consequence of this examination. It should be noted that excessive swelling may make it challenging to decide on the actual extent of the injury. Thus it usually is necessary to wait a couple of weeks for the swelling to diminish.
Injuries to the ACL can be life-threatening and debilitating; thus, the appropriate ACL repair surgery must be performed for the patient to regain their physical shape and the ability to participate in sports again. The advancement of technology has paved the road for patients to have improved chances of recovery. The earliest parts of the procedure will be devoted to reducing edema to the bare minimum. Consequently, if an injury has occurred, ice packs should be applied to the injured knee every two hours for the first 24 hours.
When a torn ligament cannot be mended, the procedure is referred to as rebuilt, and it involves the use of a different tendon or ligament to replace the damaged one. The hamstring tendon or the patella tendon are the most commonly utilized tendons in this procedure. Surgeries are not the sole treatment option for persons who have torn ACLs in their knees. When it is determined that the patient will not be required to maintain a physically active lifestyle in the future, there is no reason to undertake invasive ACL surgery.
The third option for treating an ACL damage is to undergo rehabilitation. The rehabilitation regimen would need to begin by concentrating on reducing the edema in the knee. It will also be necessary for the joints to be able to perform a variety of movements once more. The second phase of the program involves the strengthening of the knee and the muscles that surround the knee joints themselves. If the damage to the ACL is not severe, doctors may typically prescribe just rehabilitation rather than ACL repair surgery if the injury is not severe.

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