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How To Come Up With The Wedding Sand Ceremony

When you are an organizer of a wedding, you should try and ensure that both the families of the bride and the bridegroom are united.These types of rituals are fundamental because they help to foster the unity between the two families. Several countries are practicing these rituals, and you can make yours unique by customizing it. The following are the steps that are followed during these events.

Speech From The Officiant

The officiant should give the details of the items used explaining the meaning to the attendees. The controller will guide the people on the protocol that they need to observe when pouring the sands. After the speech, the organizer will immediately hand over the different vases that contain the different colored sands to the couples. In some occasions, the couples will be given a chance to make an important statement that is completely different from the wedding vows.

The bride is the first person who is required to pour the sand into the large container. The next person on the line should be the bridegroom. The other members of the congregation can later join to perform the ritual.

The Time That The Event Takes Place

There sure no specific guidelines on the timelines that the ritual should be conducted. The ritual can be done in anytime during the wedding session. The custom can be incorporated in the middle of the wedding when most of the guests are settled. You should ensure that the rituals runs smoothly through the wedding proceeding.

The Symbol Of The Sand

The weddings in the ocean are diverse. The sand is the most common kits that can be used in the shores of the ocean. One of the couples can use the sand from the shores, and another one should come with a different color. The unity sand performs the function of bringing the family of the bride and the groom together.

The Wedding Kits Needed

To create a unity sand ceremony, you will need one big urn, several small urns and the sand having the different colors.You need to ensure that the largest vase will be able to accommodate the different sands from other participants. These wedding kits can be found in the different art shops and in online sites. To prevent the last minute rush, you should ensure that everything needed for the rituals are bought in advance.

Most people are seeing the reasons for having the unity sand in their weddings. You should ensure that the ritual is personalized to meet your personalities. The use of the different colors of the sand ensures that the sparkle is created and that the family accepts one another to become one.

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