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Importance of Law in the Society

Law is a system of rules recognized by a particular community or a country. there are penalties that come with breaking the established standards in a community. The law dictates how individuals and various branches of the should carry out their duties. There are rules pertaining the entire society and others that relate to every person living in that community. The importance of the law is paramount for better survival of the community. If well protected the generations to come will enjoy the fruits of good laws set out.

Laws safeguard the people from violence. There are strong legal systems that are put to ensure that no one intends to harm us physically. With good rules and regulations people refrain from fighting and killing of other people. Status of law is the best way of maintaining peace among the various communities of the world. Incitement of different communities that could cause violence minimized by the existence of the rule of law. Democracy of a country made and maintained by the rules governing the country.

Existence of law have significantly helped in the progression of a community. Education is protected by the role as a key pillar of the development. Various standards and regulations are set out to protect the technological aspect of the community. Growth of a particular community is a result of the rules and regulations set out. The health sectors are regulated by strict rules to help safeguard the lives of the residents and also medical practitioner in the countries. Doctors make sure that they adhere to rules pertaining the use of different medical equipment’s for the safety of patients.

Laws have helped in achieving an orderly society. There are established rules as to how people should treat the environment. The environment is protected for people living in it and generations to come. Rules are set out to curb the spread of deadly diseases that could be a significant threat to the existence of human races. It has prevented the ill-minded individuals in the society from releasing nuclear weapons to the world.

Rules have been set out to make sure that the rights of individuals are protected and adhered to. These rights are well protected by the existing laws to make sure that a community lives in peace. Privacy of all individuals is ensured . These rules have ensured that people get no interference in their matters. Marriage, as an institution is protected by the law. These set out regulations are meant to make sure that a community grows by protecting the families. Laws have played a vital role in ensuring that human existence is not interfered with by factors that can be prevented.

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