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Important Things That Alcoholics Need To Know About AA Medallions

AA coins and medallions are known to be tokens that are gifted to members of alcoholics anonymous or any kind of 12 step programs that assists their members to stop their addiction from drinking alcohol and any type of substances that can be addictive to take. The medallion is mostly the size of a poker chip and it has various marks where it would show the time that they have achieved when sober, they are awarded from abstaining from drinking alcohol when they are in the program. There are other 12 step programs that can use these medallions to mark the time which they have not taken numerous kinds of substances that are addictive which can affect their health which can be negative.

The 12 step program can tell the recipient of the medallion that the medallion can represent what they have committed in getting to avoid the substances which they are addicted, this shows their overall commitment to the program. There are studies which have shown that the medallion would provide clients with a visual presence of the coin and would help them to stay sober because it reminds them of the effort that they have put into their sobriety.

For the 12 step program to easily show how far each of their various members are sober, they can use chips of a certain color and also alloy that can show the number of time that the member has been sober. These various colored chips and also different values are mostly designed to be tokens of inspiration and also a reminder on the effort which they have done to keep on being sober and avoid temptations from the addictive substance.

It is that popular that there are fourteen coins that can be provided to members in their first 12 months of being sober, these coins are given at one month, three months, six months, nine months of being sober in their first year. A number of these coins can be available in different colors and show the amount of time that they get to be sober, the silver which can be the first one shows that they are sober for 24 hours and the bronze gets to show they get to be sober for 1 year.

There are big number of companies nowadays which make numerous kinds of sobriety coins which are in the market, 12 step programs must find the best ones which can make the right coins. It is that vital for these groups to pick a manufacturer which gets to produce coins using advanced and durable materials, they need to have advanced designs which can make the medallions to look good and unique.

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