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Why a Cash Buyer for Your Home Makes Perfect Sense

Are you thinking of selling your home? If you want to do it quick and easy, sell it to a cash investor. The reasons are plenty.

Greater Flexibility

A cash home buyer is not a family looking for a house where they can settle in. They are investors who want to earn a return. Therefore, you can expect them to be flexible and work around your situation.

Selling because of a divorce settlement? Need to save a sinking mortgage? Cash investors will be sensitive to your needs.

But that’s not all the flexibility you can get from a cash investor. In general, you can even pick your own closing date. That’s not something you’ll get from an agent. If you need to close quickly, this is obviously a big factor. Most cash buyers can accommodate even the tightest timelines, from five days to a few months.

As-Is Purchase

As you probably know, most houses need a lot of repairs just to sell through the traditional route. Agents may recommend all kinds of repairs and/or a complete renovation in order to make the property attractive to buyers. If you’re selling the house to meet a financial need, this can be a huge stumbling block. Cash buyers, however, will buy your property as-is, which means you need not spend a penny on it because they will take care of everything after you close.

Zero Fees, Commissions and Contingencies

When you study offers, you shouldn’t focus only on the actual amounts given. In fact, there are so many other factors that can add to the final number. Agent’s commission, for instance. You may also be asked to foot the buyer’s fees, such as appraisal, during the negotiation process. With a cash investor, the offer is the final amount you get.It will be the exact amount that will show up in your bank account.

No Worries over Financing

Picture this: after weeks or months of waiting, you finally found yourself a buyer. They make an offer that seems quite good. They ask for a few acceptable contingencies and are on the path to closing. And then they drop the bomb: bank disapproved their loan application. What does that put you, the seller? Back to square one. This nightmare scenario never happens when you sell to a cash buyer.

Selling to an investor means not having to worry about how the buyer will pay you, and whether they will actually be able to. It’s just between you and the investor. Because of the nature of the deal itself, the most uncertain step in the house-selling process is eliminated.

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